Nonfiction is the bane of many creative writers. We grow up with texts and academic works that are devoid of personality. Journalism is solemn in its strongest emotions to “prevent bias.” In the pursuit of perfection, research lacks a human audience. Academia has crippled the genre, but it is not without its gems. Nonfiction in all its forms has the power to revise reality by revealing what is under the surface. When we get creative with the genre, when we bring in the elements that so easily empower fiction and poetry, we are left with a hybrid that shares a deeper truth than any other writing.

I hope you can all enjoy my works of journalism and memoir with as much interest as you would any fictional work. Here I will not lie, and I will not hide any truths.


Passing the Ace is a memoir reflecting on my family in a culmination of all the many game nights we have spent playing poker. Here I introduce to you the deck of cards that is my family. We are all given a hand, and bet or fold as we might, you can’t change the cards.