Fiction is the essence of what it is to imagine. To imagine people. To imagine places. Fiction allows us to rewrite history, to write the future, and even to write into existence entirely new universes. I believe there is power in the written word and where academic and journalistic pieces give us insight into reality, fiction can do just the same and so much more. I love writing fiction and I refuse to bind myself to a single genre. I dabble in many types of fiction writing, though you may find I have a soft spot for fantasy.

Fantasy is so versatile. It gives us the opportunity to reshape everything and revise reality into whichever flavor we may choose. I have larger works of fantasy that I cannot share here, but I have plenty of shorter stories and fragments to tell. Here you will find a couple of my favorite Short Stories.

Fantasy Short Stories

Dump the Rum was originally written in my sophomore year of college and has gone over quite a few revisions. I do plan to continue revisions and expand it into a larger work. For now, the story serves as food for thought, begging the questions: What would it mean to throw away everything on a whim? If we put our past behind us, what could lie ahead?

The Song of Juliana was written and revised in the capstone course of my bachelor’s program as my final submission. Though I loved delving into the creation of her world and left room for future expansion, I consider this the final product telling Juliana’s tale after the touchups I made in 2022. This piece is built on a song (fragmented throughout) that serves as a foundation for a story that is ultimately about facing turmoil in one’s own humanity and spirituality to find peace in the world.