I Am Not Adam

He said let there be light             the light was good. He said let there be life             this life was good. He said let there be a man             and He called him Adam                         and he was good. He then looked at Adam             he was very alone. He said for the first […]

His Siren Song

I think he is made of water. A spirit from the deep.The flawless, tight, muscles of his backbuilt from long nights, and countless laps. He was shy, but his body was not. Nor should it be.Liquid wood framed his being, a carvedmaster work, waterlogged as if eternally        adrift. I am eating a sweet tangerine […]

The Psalms of Solomon’s Bride

(Excerpt form The Rootwork)            The picture at the corner of my cluttered desk was bordered by a simple wooden frame. It was a wedding photo, taken deep in the woods on a misty morning. The fog clung to the forest floor like the veil over the woman’s face. Almost lost in the mist was a […]

These Stones

A seven-foot sandstone wall holds backa small garden. The wall is a monument, cut from an older wall for whichthe multicolor stones; black, brown, and grey,were originally quarried. I gave it a chance,heaving my foot to scale it. I lay there for the night, waiting for your call, lookingup at the branches of a papery […]