We Saw Our Dust

(After Alice Major’s ‘Dust to Dust’)

A sliver of silver in mind
sparks of rousing commotion and noise
on every neuron. Much of it is me—
              I’m thinking—
many million bolts of thought processed,
a lifetime experienced in
a minute. There’s so much to think
and do. But this be my time.

     We’ve caught up.
Regret, peace, passion, and fun.
And we accept all we did and didn’t do.
Our joy and loss, our wins, and defeats
that drove our purpose—and then
all that unsalvageable time blown on
many meaningless hostilities.
     A summary
of good and evil-doing, a minute
of terror in which every second accretes
fully the story of your existence.
We saw our dust, and lives in a flash.

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