Pfeiffer Worlds

Who I Am

I am Tristan Pfeiffer and I am a writer. I don’t prefer calling myself that though. When you say you’re a writer people always assume something about you. They immediately assume you’re hunched over a desk drinking coffee in all your spare time, struggling to write a word, or that you’re a hopeless romantic spewing out poems that will never be seen by anyone but yourself. Nobody will ever truly understand what I do if I tell them simply that I am a writer.

Sometimes I’d rather say that I am a storyteller, that I simply love telling stories by any means necessary. Sometimes I’d rather say that I am a creator, that I work with different tools and produce different things (more than just words on a page). Sometimes I’d rather say I am a wordsmith, that I love language and molding it into something more. Regardless of what you want to call me, I hope there is something here that you’ll enjoy.

Why I Write

I’ve been asked why I write before. The answer has changed from time to time, but after years of study and reflection, I think I figured it out. I think almost anybody can think of something they’ve read or heard that impacted them. Think of something that moved you, called you to action, or spoke to you in some profound way. Maybe it is a quote posted at your desk or a mantra you recite that gets through hard days. It could be a novel or even a game that inspired you. This sentence, this poem, this thing may have overwhelmingly taken you by the heartstrings in a grand revelation of personal philosophy or simply choked you up, or made you laugh for a fleeting moment. Either way, it’s these moments of impact that come from reading good writing; writing that touches the reader and inspires more than mindless comprehension. To make good writing, to make an impact, to make someone feel the written word; This is my goal and devotion as a writer.